Current Members


Maddy Meyer - President

Maddy Meyer brings the heat to our sultry soprano section. She hails from the windy city of Chicago and adds some chill vibes to match. She's down for anything, even piercing her nose on a Thursday night in Carman. She generally maintains her pro figure skating poise, but give her a two-pound bag of jelly beans and she’ll devour them faster than you can say Miley Cyrus.

Solo: Somewhere Beyond the Sea, But Not For Me


Kunal Kamath

Kunal Kamath has got a personality that can light up a room. That room happens to be Butler 209, at three in the morning, while he does Bhangra in the corridors to keep himself awake, but he lights it up nonetheless! Coming to us all the way from Atlanta, you may be disappointed to learn that Kunal does not in fact have a Southern accent, but he does carry with him a certain Southern charm, which comes out when he solos in his smooth and sexy tenor tone. His secret innovative tendencies often shine through; just ask him about ice cream flavors or beezing.

Solos: It Don't Mean a Thing, Take the A Train


Jon Shapiro

Jon Shapiro is ready to make it big in the big city, trading in the comfortable plaid-and-khakis of suburban Westchester for the suit-and-tie of the Uptown Life. Jon, or “Shappy” as he is affectionately referred to, is a talented multi-instrumentalist. In the down time between rehearsals, he can often be found playing beautiful jazz standards, while we just sit back and tap our collective feet and stroke our chins introspectively. During parties, he’s more apt to grab the nearest guitar and belt out a lively rendition of a Beatles tune to get us all twisting and shouting. Jon is a very witty guy with bundles of musical talent, an expansive knowledge of musical trivia, a keen fashion sense and an excellent sense of humor. He may not the greatest snowman builder, but we won’t hold that against him.

Solo: Ain't Misbehavin'


Victoria Alejandro

Victoria Alejandro is a beautiful and talented singer-songwriter hailing from Southern California. With her excited grin and confident personality, Victoria adds the perfect amount of spunk to Uptown Vocal. Not only does Victoria have an incredibly sultry and jazzy tone, she adores theatre and is a wonderful actress. Victoria spends her nights at multiple rehearsals and yet still manages to have enough energy to power a country. When not at one of her many practices, Victoria can be found exploring New York City, eating a burger at the Diana Center, or taking one of her coveted long naps. Victoria has always dreamed of becoming a famous jazz club singer. Don’t be surprised when her dream becomes a reality. Watch out world, this girl is a superstar!

Solos: Lullaby of Birdland, Baby It's Cold Outside, Dream a Little Dream of Me


Emile Motta de Castro

Emile Motta de Castro brings his smooth dance moves and even smoother tenor blend to Uptown Vocal this year. A well-versed vocalist hailing from Chicago, LA, Miami, and even Argentina, this kid’s got a story to his travels, his name, and even his Trilogy. Better yet, he can tell you these stories in fluent Spanish! When he isn’t lighting up the quiet hallways of Furnald with his melodious voice, Emile can be found breakdancing outside of Roone -- we kid you not. Uptown Vocal couldn’t be more ecstatic to have Emile as the suavest tenor addition to our UV family.

Solos: Nice Work If You Can Get It, I've Got You Under My Skin


Carson Kraft - Business Manager

Carson Kraft hails from the lovely city of San Fran, and her beautiful high timbre is the only thing that can cut through Liam’s social justice rants. She studies computer science, serves as a fashion trendsetter for the rest of us, and is a frequent visitor of JJ’s place, from where she draws her aesthetic inspiration. You better watch out – she isn’t afraid to knock a couple belters down to get to the top of the UV social pyramid.


Karinya Ghiara - Business Manager

Karinya Ghiara has an exceptionally strong yet sweet alto tone to match her refreshingly kind and upbeat personality. Originally from San Diego, Karinya arrived in New York City with a smile on her face and excitement in her eyes. Her cheery attitude brings much appreciated humor and energy to Uptown Vocal. In addition to her vivacity and vocal skill, Karinya loves theatre and is a fabulous actress. It may seem like Karinya could not wipe the smile off her face if she tried, but don’t be fooled- when she slips into whatever character she is playing, you might not even recognize her! Karinya was born to perform and is an incredible asset to Uptown Vocal. Most importantly, Karinya really loves a good grilled cheese.

Solo: Baby It's Cold Outside, My Romance


Nina Sabharwal

Hailing from Fog City aka Sunnyvale, Nina Sabharwal graces us with her melodic ease, lovely mezzo tone, and wonderful blend. While she never leaves her BME haven in Mudd, she’s incredibly down-to-earth, always dressed to the nines, and is definitely the most laid-back UVer. In her spare time, she likes to frolic around her favorite NYC ‘hood (obvz the Village) and take oh-so-flattering selfies at the ‘dam. She also loves a mean fruit salad.

Solo: Stompin' at the Savoy


Jackie Brown - Music Director

Jackie Brown brings the spunk to the soprano section. Hailing from Scarsdale, NY, she is one of the sassiest members skilled in deflecting satire with her own witty sarcasm. When she’s not gracing us with her superb sop tones, she’s stage managing at the Shakespearian level in Columbia’s own KCST or stepping into the spotlight in campus musical productions. But while she steals the stage everywhere she goes, she is also sweet and sincere and always ready for a snuggle.

Solo: My Funny Valentine


Martin Kyalwazi

Marty K is his name, and smiling is his game. His charming looks and tender personality will have you itching to hear his voice. Hailing from the Golden state, not only does he bring a chill California vibe, but he also brings a soulful and gentle mystique to the crude basses. When he’s up on stage, be ready to hear him groove like MJ and sing like Ben E. King. When he’s not in rehearsal, you can find him at Dodge Gym draining 3s like Steph Curry and breaking ankles. Don’t be scared to play him though: he’s premed so he’ll fix you up after a game!


Brent Morden - Music Director

Brent Morden is the next great American composer. Hailing from beautiful Bayside, Queens, this musical mastermind keeps UV in key with his perfect pitch and his smooth bass voice. Brent's talents expand far beyond a cappella: he also performs in the Columbia Wind Ensemble and writes music for groups of all shapes and sizes. He's the only Uptown Vocalian with a bird, and he'll soon be leading the house band on the Eric Andre Show.