Uptown Vocal is Columbia University’s premier jazz a cappella group. Since 1991, these cool cats have been bringing new and interesting takes on all of your favorite jazz standards. We have performed on college campuses, bars, hotels, cruise ships, morning shows and even on stage with Ben Folds!



posted on September 11, 2015

The first round of auditions are now officially over! The people who made it to Callbacks are:


  • Jackie Brown
  • Amy Ding
  • Jessie Edgar
  • Claire Fry
  • Molly Ganley
  • Karinya Ghiara
  • Carson Kraft
  • Carly Lenniger
  • Christina St. Louis


  • Ben Arenstein
  • Jordan Cline
  • Octavio Galaviz
  • Desmond Hanan
  • Jungsoo Lee
  • Ethan O’Neal
  • Liam Riley

Congratulations to our second round auditioners!


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